IS IT FOR YOU? See if Fast Tracking your insights & Transform your recovery with Tools in a focused 3 Hours sitting, is for you? 


Eating Disorder Specialist 

Vathani, has helped clients across 93 countries world-wide, beat their eating disorders. She now dedicates her specialist skills , in the shortest time deep diving with you to give you the exclusive view of your core root issue(s) that is at the heart of your relapses so far, where you feel paralysed to fight it! If you are looking to neutralize the effects of life time of self harm and the impact of your lack of progress on your whole life & your lovedones - then Vathani, will grab you by the hands and walk you through some solid transformative work once and for all! Not intended for those undecided or pressured to embrace recovery! 

GET TO THE BOTTOM OF YOUR DISORDERLY EATING NOW! Book a FREE 30 minute Discovery session to explore this !

Your Chance To Blast Your Eating Disorder, In An Intense & Focused Session With A Specialist That Cares! 

  • During this 30 minutes, while you explore the suitability of a 3Hour BreakThrough session for you, you will also discover at least one deep rooted area where you are blocked and unmotivated in your recovery. (If you focus on this one aspect alone, you can go further than you have ever done to date on your recovery journey!)

  • Let Vathani, tease out few of your strongest Toxic Limiting Beliefs , using an instant, powerful technique - which you can learn in your Breakthrough session , so you will know how to apply it yourself for the future! 

  • A startegy or two for your everyday coping and momentum building, in the direction of your fuller recovery - Even if you have been FAILING & Relapsing most of your life!

  • Vathani, will provide you with some insights & offer answer to your burning health, eating, life , relational or stress issue questions, which is keeping you STUCK - with tips, strategies and tools for your personal "Recovery Road Map".